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Our Mission

Our physicians are committed to:
• Providing exceptional healthcare
• Implementing cutting edge technology
• Delivering top-quality healthcare to millions
• Broadening scopes of practices without physical limitations
• Offering a multi-specialty TeleHealth service
• Exceeding your expectations

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Skilled Nursing Facilities

Discover how we can implement a system of telemedicine with NO up-front equipment cost. We can protect your business from a hefty SNF readmission penalty while providing top-quality healthcare to your practice.


Equipment Solution

With on-demand telemedicine, patients can remain on-site and avoid transfers. TeleHealth Solution prevents fractured care for patients and reduces stress on patients, their familes, and your staff. Through telemedicine encounters, we can even provide coverage for rapid responses and Code Blues. We can also have face-to-face discussions regarding end-of-life care, if appropriate and requested.

Telemedicine technology allows us to alleviate the burden of overwhelmed physicians with cross-coverage calls. Physicians frequently spend hours of their shifts answering phone calls. Immediate access to our skilled on-call doc provides top-quality care without burdening another provider. This encounter can be a simple phone call or be a real-time, face-to-face video examination in high-resolution. Our services adapt to every situation.

100% Free

Free Equipment

We install our TeleMedicine equipment at no upfront cost to our customers in their facilities.


Hour IT Support

Day and night IT Support ensures our equipment is always working when you need us.


In Equipment

We are driven by technology: we use state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose your patients.

EMR Integration

Our systems work closely with your facility, as our remote access to your EMR databases enhances the diagnoses and responses of our telehospitalists.


I.T. Support

TeleHealth Solution has partnered with MDcentric Technologies to provide external IT support. MDcentric will work with your IT department for TeleHealth Solution equipment integration in a HIPPA compliant manner.


Protocol Implementation

From large medical systems to small rural hospitals to skilled nursing facilities—and everything in between—we can begin a positive interaction immediately. See how we can meet your facility’s needs.