Garden Manor Care Center Partners With TeleHealth Solution

When I see a new team smiling, excited, engaged, even staying past their night shift to learn about the new program in their building, it validates what we TeleHealth Solution™ are doing. Working with visionaries like Kim Barrows, RN, BSN, LNHA, is refreshing and invigorating. It's snowing in Cincinnati Ohio, but I wasn't going to miss this for anything. Thank you to the team at Garden Manor Care Center in Middleton Ohio, it is my utmost pleasure for my team TeleHealth Solution™ to serve you. - Dr. Waseem Ghannam "Meet Kay, she's who I work for, who [...]

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CommuniCare Clinton Maryland Partners With TeleHealth Solution

CommuniCare Clinton Maryland - My personal recipe for success? Simple... Stay humble, your business will grow but don't let your head grow at the same rate of your business. Respect your customers, without them you don't have a business. Be accountable and adapt to their needs, if you don't serve them then you are allowing an opportunity for someone else. Respect the nursing staff, be prompt and kind as they are advocating for their patients. The days of being rude and talking down to team members are over in my view of medicine. Treat each patient with the same expectation [...]

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