Our team consists of highly qualified medical professionals. From Physicians to Medical Technology Engineers, our personnel always focus on your customized TeleMedicine solution.

Our TeleHealth Solution team is passionate about our mission to provide top-quality healthcare. Our innovative model includes:

  • utilizing cutting-edge technology
  • formulating new processes
  • standardizing delivery of healthcare with evidence-based protocols
  • providing staffing solutions

We take pride in our personalized approach and our effective communication skills, and consistently evaluate our focus and methods.

We have established relationships with multiple healthcare organizations, from community-access hospitals to long-term acute-care facilities to nursing homes. The horizon for delivering TeleMedicine is limitless. Come join us on this journey as the future of medicine starts unfolding today, a future without physical boundaries. Please contact us for further information regarding our services, and how we can help your organization deliver the best healthcare at all times. TeleHealth. Saving Time. Saving Money. Saving Lives.

From Left to Right: Dr. Waseem Ghannam, Dr. Jason Perlman, Co-Founders of TeleHealth Solution

The TeleHealth Solution Team

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