Telemedicine: A Powerful Tool For Preventing Hospital Overcrowding

By Waseem Ghannam, MD, MBA, MHSA, president, TeleHealth Solution Across the country, well over 100,000 Americans are currently hospitalized with COVID-19, and these numbers continue to climb along with rising positivity rates. Similar to the earliest days of the pandemic, this surge in patients is filling hospitals to capacity and beyond. The resulting shortage of beds and clinicians threatens to compromise quality of patient care and even raise the specter of rationing care in some hard-hit communities. Increasingly, hospitals are recognizing that telemedicine provides a powerful tool for stretching limited resources by preventing and better managing overcrowding. Telemedicine can make [...]

Technology Can Drive Patient-Centered Care |

At the beginning of March 2020, Susan Murphy, BSN, MS, RN, had to think on the fly about how to restore the connection hospitalized patients had lost because of COVID-19. Susan Murphy, RN Murphy, the chief experience officer at UChicago Medicine, said visiting hours stopped abruptly but patients’ needs for human connection remained. “That was a pretty traumatic day,” Murphy said. “We had to go to every room and tell visitors they couldn’t come back and weren’t sure when they could (return).” Connection Lost and Found Emotional support and alleviation of fear and anxiety along with involvement of family and [...]

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TeleHealth Solution and OSU Medicine: Accelerating telehealth together

By Rhett Stover and Waseem Ghannam Eighteen months ago when our partnership began, we could not have foreseen either the changes in the world due to COVID-19, or the effect it would have on telemedicine nationally. The partnership between OSU Medicine and TeleHealth Solution is a primary care strategy aimed to provide a single point of contact for patients navigating the health system. Our work prior to the pandemic laid the ground work for an expansion of the partnership to respond quickly and at scale to serve the needs of the rural community. OSU Medicine sought to enhance its investment [...]

12 health system execs outline post-pandemic telehealth strategy | Becker’s Spine Review

As featured in Becker's Spine Review Telehealth became a necessary tool for health systems and patients across the U.S. during the COVID-19 pandemic to access needed healthcare remotely. A major contributor to the success of telehealth over the past few months was CMS and commercial payers lifting restrictions and boosting pay rates for telehealth visits. While some of those benefits may roll back in the future, health systems are planning how to continue scaling their telehealth programs and turn them into revenue generators. Here, 12 top health system executives outline their strategic approach to telehealth post-pandemic. Barb Lato, MS, BSN, [...]

Use Of Telemedicine Can Reduce Hospitalizations Of Nursing Home Residents And Generate Savings For Medicare

Use Of Telemedicine Can Reduce Hospitalizations Of Nursing Home Residents And Generate Savings For Medicare Written by David C. Grabowski, and  A. James O’Malley  originally posted at Abstract Hospitalizations of nursing home residents are frequent and result in complications, morbidity, and Medicare expenditures of more than a billion dollars annually. The lack of a physician presence at many nursing homes during off hours might contribute to inappropriate hospitalizations. Findings from our controlled study of eleven nursing homes provide the first indications that switching from on-call to telemedicine physician coverage during off hours could reduce hospitalizations and [...]

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