TeleMedicine is a proven essential for management of Covid-19 & other highly infectious diseases arise. With proper preparations, we can all ensure care is available when no one is available to be bedside.


In the midst of this national emergency due to the COVID 19 epidemic, TeleHealth Solution would like to extend our unwavering support as we navigate these peculiar times. We are actively monitoring the CDC and local, state, and federal governments for updates. And we are prepared to help you throughout this crisis through the use of our clinician coverage and TeleHealth Carts/ Tablets.

In addition to the existing services we are prepared to expand to allow the following services:

  • Virtual Daytime Rounds through use of the Telehealth cart
  • Daytime nursing support (for those who do not already have Telehealth daytime coverage)
  • Employee screening *
  • Additional TeleHealth coverage for unavailable physicians *Employee screening available based on the guidelines of your state.

If you are interested in any of the mentioned expanded services please email us at

We hope you, your staff and loved ones remain safe and healthy.

Best regards,

Dr. Waseem Ghannam

CEO & Co-founder of TeleHealth Solution
101 N Tryon St Suite 112,
Charlotte, NC 28246


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TeleMedicine for Skilled Nursing Facilities:

Our experienced telehospitalists understand how to distinguish between inpatient hospitalization and what can be treated in your skilled nursing facility

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TeleMedicine for Assisted Living Facilities:

Increase Revenue, Occupancy and Resident Satisfaction while Improving Resident Care with TeleMedicine Service

ALF, CCRC, and Life Plan Community Telemedicine
TeleMedicine for Hospitals:

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