89% Avoided Readmissions Reported For November

The TeleHealth Solution team is always working hard to prevent as many return to hospital (RTH) trips as possible for their Skilled Nursing Facility partners. A RTH can adversely affect patients’ health and outcomes. Through telemedicine, our hospitalist physicians prevent adverse events, lower costs, improve patient outcomes, and increase confidence of health system partners, staff, providers, patients and families. Through technology, we can prevent RTH and treat skilled nursing facility patients in their familiar environment. When a patient is able to remain in the SNF, not only does this save the unnecessary cost of a trip to the Emergency Room, it saves the facility money, and it saves the patients money, time, and stress. TeleHealth Solution’s goals are to prevent as many return to hospitals as possible and for the month of November, our hardworking TeleHospitalists were able to prevent 89% of potential RTH for our SNF partners. When an RTH is prevented, it is a win-win situation for everyone involved.