We collaborate with your team to develop evidence-based practices and protocols that support patient care needs and empower nurses through ongoing support, education and training.

This reduces disruptive transfers and readmissions, length of stay, and medical coverage costs while enhancing clinical and financial outcomes.

Message Info@TeleHealthSolution.com to learn how telemedicine can improve care for patients in your hospital.

TeleMedicine For:
Skilled Nursing Facilities

Our hospitalists provide TeleMedicine during evening and weekend hours to reduce readmissions (return to hospital visits) and emergency room visits. Our physicians can manage almost any medical condition right at your facility which reduces patient stress, reduces staff burden, increase star rating, and keeps patients, and revenue in your facility.

TeleHealth For SNF

Virtual Care:
Critical Access/Rural Hospitals

In Today’s world: over-burdened physicians, who have to work in clinics, rounds at the hospital, and manage nursing home patients all in the same day. Rural hospitals often cannot afford full time staff in-house to manage patients, resulting in transfers to outside hospitals. TeleMedicine Technology helps eliminates any burdens as we can provide hospitalist during nocturnal, daytime, or with anytime coverage.

Telehealth For CAH

TeleHospitalist at
Long Term Acute Hospitals

With new technology and innovative health-care delivery methods via telemedicine, we will provide patient-centric care and services to your LTACH at a fraction of the cost of an in-house physician.

TeleHealth For LTACH

Types of Coverage:

  • Hospitalist

  • Nocturnist

  • ER Provider

  • ACP Supervision

Provider Support:

  • Admissions

  • Discharge

  • Rounding

  • Transfers

Coverage Support:

  • Weekends

  • Night Shifts

  • Day Shifts

  • All Holidays

Practitioners Types:

  • MD (Allopathic)

  • DO (Osteopathic)

  • Physician Assistants

  • Nurse Practitioner

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