Tri-County Care Center Offers Instant Access to Virtual Doctors 
by Partnering with TeleHealth Solution

(left) Mindy Brewer, Corporate Nurse Coordinator | (right) Jami Sturgill, Care coordinator | At the Tri-County Care Center Open House.

(left) Mindy Brewer, Corporate Nurse Coordinator | (right) Jami Sturgill, Care coordinator | At the Tri-County Care Center Open House.

Elderly Patients Spared Stressful Hospital ER Visits, Grateful for Telemedicine in Area Nursing Home

Fairfield, OH—Tri-County Care Center has partnered with TeleHealth Solution to provide their residents with immediate, in-house medical care through TeleMedicine. Patient interactions with staff and TeleHospitalist are handled with ease. While patients rest in their beds, an on-screen physician conducts a virtual, face-to-face examination with a TeleMedicine cart and discusses their plan of care. In the vast majority of interventions, the partnership has allowed patients to be appropriately managed at Tri-County Care Center (TCCC), avoiding a trip to the Emergency Room and an unnecessary hospital admission while saving TCCC thousands of dollars.

“It’s a win-win for everyone involved,” says Waseem Ghannam, MD, MBA, a founder of TeleHealth Solution.
“As a result of our TeleMedicine service, hospital ERs are less crowded, patients remain comfortable in their facilities, families enjoy peace of mind, and facilities have happier, healthier patients. Our doctors, including myself, are thrilled to make such a huge positive impact. Absolutely everyone benefits.”

After one month of partnership with TeleHealth Solution, TCCC immediately noticed changes. TCCC’s Corporate Nurse Coordinator Mindy Brewer, RN, reports, “We’re in partnerships with hospitals a lot more than most facilities, and this proactive approach to improving patient care allows us to go above and beyond. The medical evaluation is extremely thorough.” TeleHealth Solution’s TeleMedicine carts are equipped with ECG leads, stethoscopes, blood pressure monitors, pulse monitors, and integrate with a facility’s electronic medical records. “Our physicians can see everything digitally so can diagnose and treat most ailments at TCCC,” notes Ghannam. “We reached our target of just 10 percent readmissions almost immediately. Patients who can stay in their own beds instead of being transferred to a hospital are happier, healthier patients.”

Brewer explains, “We’re well-versed with TeleMedicine, and have had many companies on pilot systems, but TeleHealth Solution gives us communication, partnership, involvement, and quick, easy access. The doctors are down-to-earth and our patients and their families just don’t worry about emergency situations anymore.” She says, “We have found a TeleMedicine system that will work for us and our patients for better outcomes.”

About TeleHealth Solution

TeleHealth Solution is a Charlotte-based, physician-owned TeleMedicine group offering custom, turnkey plans for equipping facilities with skilled TeleHospitalists and cutting-edge TeleMedicine carts that work with basic Wi-Fi. TeleHealth provides virtual, face-to-face care for patients in skilled nursing facilities, rural and critical access hospitals, and more.

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About Tri-County Care Center

Tri-County Care Center is a skilled nursing facility at 5200 Camelot Drive in Fairfield, Ohio. Established in 1978, TCCC helps patients overcome health challenges, working as a team to encourage each person to return to their meaningful lifestyle and achieve the highest level of independence and ability through the assistance of physical, speech or occupational therapies.
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