Embrace Telehealth to Improve Patient Experience

  Patient desire for virtual visits will likely not diminish. But when it comes to telehealth, what do providers desire? Even though patients are starting to feel comfortable again with in-office visits, their desire for virtual visits will likely not diminish. But what do providers desire? From my perspective, telehealth is not only the best option for access to care, but it’s the future of medicine. I strongly believe that even more integrated solutions will be the next frontier. Bringing multi-disciplinary specialties to rural locations through telehealth will address and minimize healthcare inequalities while leveraging value-based care practices. Rural and [...]

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The Current State of Telehealth and the Future of Healthcare

TeleHealth Solution™ joins Health Professional Radio and examines the current state of telehealth on Health Professional Radio. Here we explores the paradigm shift in healthcare delivery during the pandemic and elaborates on the new healthcare delivery model, which is becoming a more proactive, home-based care movement. Neal Howard: Thanks for joining us for another segment. In this segment, we’re going to be speaking with TeleHealth Solution™ to discuss the current state of telehealth. Welcome to Health Professional Radio. What is your professional background, and what is the mission of TeleHealth Solution™?  The mission of TeleHealth Solution today is to close [...]

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Virtual Care Implementation Strategies During The Pandemic

Overview Webinar: Virtual Care Implementation Strategies During The Pandemic The use of telehealth has accelerated with the movement towards digital care delivery showing no signs of slowing down. In order to ensure patients are receiving the highest quality care possible as the pandemic continues, rural acute and critical access hospitals must ramp up their virtual care strategies to survive. During this panel discussion, we will discuss the current state of telehealth and where most rural and critical access hospitals stand when it comes to scaling this new approach. We will also discuss the key ways telehealth benefits organizations and their [...]

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Digital front doors helping to address physician shortages

While physician shortages were a key industry issue prior to the pandemic, the situation has been further exacerbated by the pandemic, and is now forecasted to be further on the rise at post-acute facilities as we exit the pandemic. According to data published by the Association of American Medical Colleges, the United States could see an estimated shortage of between 54,100 and 139,000 physicians, including shortfalls in both primary and specialty care, by 2033. To help address this shortage, many post-acute care organizations are turning to alternative care delivery solutions as one key option to address the gap. As any [...]

Acceleration of virtual care in a post-pandemic era

The pandemic was a test of our resilience. Around the globe, patients and providers were impacted by COVID in new and unprecedented ways. Close to 600,000 U.S. lives were lost and another three million were lost globally. Over $4 trillion was spent in response to the pandemic and its economic effects. Healthcare workers performed heroic feats, putting their lives on the line to deal with multiple surges of COVID patients surge. And we underwent a period of isolation with social distancing protocols put into place that impacted our social, emotional, physical, and mental health.  At the start of the pandemic, [...]

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