Our platform integrates with your clinical workflows.

Our physicians and nurse practitioners work alongside your nurses or CNAs to deliver high-quality patient care right at the bedside. We are proud to deliver the same level clinical care as an in-house provider. The care we are able to provide helps keep more patients in place, resulting in fewer unnecessary transfers and hospitalizations.


91% of Emergent Events Are Avoidable With Telemedicine:
Less Than 5 Minute Call Back Times: (Avg 2 Minutes 43 Seconds)
63% of ER Send Outs Return With Follow-Up Protocols

How We Help

  • TurnKey Solution

    Our solution combines superior technology and medical services, and fully integrates with your EMR and other technology.

  • Happier Nurses and Patients

    We respond to medical issues within minutes, making nurses happy and ensuring patients feel well-cared for.

  • Improve STAR Ratings

    Our experienced physicians and nurse practitioners digitally deliver superior care, so most medical issues can be managed in your facility.

  • Better Outcomes, More Revenue

    We deliver a more responsive model of care for less than it costs to staff physicians onsite, and we help protect your bottom line through better care management.

  • Readmission Avoidance

    We ensure more residents can be treated in place and ensure proper post-hospital admission protocols and follow up.

  • Marketing Support

    We help you market to patients, families, and narrow networks.


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