The Retreat at Sunny Vista Will Offer Instant Access to Virtual Doctors 
by Partnering with TeleHealth Solution

Residents of Brand New Retirement Community to be Spared Stressful Hospital ER Visits with Telemedicine Written By: Waseem Ghannam – Nov 10 2017

Colorado Springs, CO—The Retreat at Sunny Vista has partnered with Charlotte-based TeleHealth Solution to provide the elderly residents of their community with immediate, in-house medical care. While patients relax in their familiar surroundings, an on-screen physician will conduct a virtual, face-to-face examination and discuss the plan of care. In the vast majority of interventions, the patient will be able to receive treatment at The Retreat at Sunny Vista, avoiding a trip to the Emergency Room, an unnecessary hospital admission, and the stress and complications that can arise.

“They are the only assisted living community in the Colorado Springs area with our high-tech TeleMedicine service,” says Waseem Ghannam, MD, MBA, a founder of TeleHealth Solution. “It’s a win-win for everyone involved. When we can intervene, absolutely everyone benefits. Hospital ERs will be less crowded, patients can remain comfortably in their rooms, and their families will enjoy peace of mind knowing that not every health issue results in a frightening trip to the hospital.”

The Retreat’s Executive Director Fran Capritta reports, “We are so excited to offer technology that can keep our residents in their apartments and not need to send them to a hospital on a regular basis.” She notes, “It’s a strain on residents to be sent to the hospital, and stressful for their families. It’s a much better outcome when our folks can stay at home.”

Capritta predicts the numbers of hospital transfer rates for The Retreat at Sunny Vista will be minimal. “The medical evaluation is really thorough,” Capritta says. TeleHealth Solution’s TeleMedicine carts are equipped with ECG leads, stethoscopes, detachable cameras, blood pressure monitors, oxygen/pulse monitors, and can access patients’ electronic medical records. “Our physicians can see everything digitally, so we can diagnose and treat most ailments in-house,” notes Ghannam. “Patients who can stay in their own beds instead of being transferred to a hospital are happier, healthier patients.”

Capritta says there is already a high level of excitement about the technology from residents who will be moving in when the facility opens in a few weeks. “Our nursing staff is looking forward to being able to handle most emergencies on-site.” She says, “We’re thrilled that our new community offers the latest in design, features, amenities, care, and now TeleMedicine technology, as well.”

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About The Retreat at Sunny Vista

The Retreat at Sunny Vista is an assisted living and memory support community in Colorado Springs, offering personalized care in contemporary apartments and suites to elderly patients who need assistance with activities of daily living. Opening in Colorado Springs in fall 2017, The Retreat at Sunny Vista offers 66 apartments and is equipped with the latest technology that will provide safety and security for its residents to age with dignity. For more information, visit With the addition of TeleHealth Services, The Retreat at Sunny Vista continues to extend its commitment to a vital continuum of care, matching the comforts of home with expert care partners who deliver individualized services that maintains the highest quality of life.

About TeleHealth

TeleHealth Solution is a Charlotte-based, physician-owned TeleMedicine group offering skilled, board-certified Hospitalists and cutting-edge technology to complement their TeleMedicine carts. TeleHealth provides virtual, face-to-face care for patients in retirement communities, long-term care facilities, county health departments, rural hospitals, and more.

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